Ruinart, 'la plus ancienne maison de champagne'

Established in 1729 is Maison Ruinart the oldest house of Champagne. Its founding was inspired by the visionary monk Dom Thierry Ruinart, who urged his cousin Nicolas Ruinart to take up trade in 'wine with bubbles' alongside his textile business. This was done immediately after the decree by Louis XVth in 1728, allowing sparkling wine to be shipped in bottles. And after only 6 years Nicolas stopped his drapers business altogether to focus solely on Ruinart champagne. 

Ruinart is the first house to store its bottles in the chalk quarries near Reims of which the oldest date back to the Roman age. These Ruinart 'crayeres' are now Unesco World Heritage sites. 

When you enter the world of Ruinart, you encounter the filosophy of the maison that hasn't changed since its foundation in the era of the Enlightenment; to create the perfect balance between what's good and what's beautiful, between sophistication and luxury. 

The 'Ruinart taste' distinguishes itself with elegance, freshness, lightness and authenticity. It expresses the essence of the Chardonnay, which runs through all Ruinart cuvées like a golden thread with its clarity, delicacy and aromatic depth. 

A champagne sought after by real lovers and connaisseurs. 


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