VDP connects with QL

The popularity and increasing quality of German wines seems to be common knowledge these days. Beautiful Rieslings, suprrising Spätburgunders originating from jaw-droppingly good looking vineyards. Only the best of the best are allowed to join VDP (Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter), a collection of winemakers dating back to 1910. Therefore, it's the oldest society of winemakers in the world. QL is proud to team up with VDP. Both QL and VDP are firm believers in the highest quality and craftmanship. 

Are you interested in the best wines of Germany? Write an e-mail to vdp@vdp.de and request your copy of the VDP Member Guide. The booklet has all the imformation you need about the best German wines.  

"The VDP Member Guide

You will regocnize the VDP wines by the VDP.Eagle, a stylized eagle bearing a cluster of grapes. The wines are categorised in four different calssifications. Regardless of this classification category, VDP members promise wines that offer pure pleasure.

"The regocnizable VDP.Eagle

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