Royal Auping

Royal Auping beliefs that a good night’s sleep can always be better. That is why Auping has worked hard for over 125 years to create the ultimate comfortable sleeping solutions for now and in the future, bringing passion and curiosity to the job. The emphasis is always on a high level of quality, comfort, design and durability.

In 1888 the bedding world experienced a revolution when Johannes Auping devised the mesh base: a bed that would make sleeping healthier and more comfortable. Mattresses and box springs soon followed.

Auping guarantees premium quality and durability, which is why we have purposefully chosen to keep our production in Deventer. There we combine years of expertise and workmanship with the newest developments in terms of technology, ergonomics and design. Auping invests in sustainability and has the ambition to organise all its business processes in a circular manner according to the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) philosophy by 2020.

Auping gives your guests a recognizable and proven good bed.



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