Win a 'lobster' plate by Hering Berlin

Win a 'lobster' plate from the Ocean Collection designed by Stefanie Hering, designer, master craftswoman, ceramics expert and founder of the world famous Hering Berlin:

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By entering the contest, you accept the terms and conditions. The first contest ends 28 April 2017, the prize winner will be announched May 1, 2017. The second contest ends October 10, 2017. The prize winner will be announced after 15 October 2017.

The 'lobster' plate by Hering Berlin

Hering Berlin

Hering Berlin pushes the boundaries of what can be made in porcelain. It stands for a new kind of culinary experience and more relaxed hospitality. We see the work of Stefanie Hering being used by top chefs throughout the world. The unique visual creativity and extraordinary craftsman-like skills are visible in the formally sophisticated designs e.g. the simple elegance of the Essence collection, the Piqueur collection for hunting enthusiasts and the fresh, maritime and genuine Ocean collection. 

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