L'air du temps

Liernu, Namur, Belgium

Restaurant L'air du temps
From € 120 per night
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Handpicked by Quality Lodgings

  • QL Robbe & Berking Silver Butter Knife 2014
  • Temple of taste
  • Own vegetable and kitchen garden

Place of pilgrimage for culinary contemplation

Chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre is a true cosmopolitan. He was born Korea, studied pharmacy, Latin and Greek in Belgium and then became a sommelier and Star Chef. He knows how to distinguish flavours like no other. All this led to his apotheosis: L’Air du temps. Located in a beautiful white farmstead built around a square courtyard in the fields of Liernu.

Taste, technique, an excellent sense of style and knowledge of outstanding regional produce make L’Air du temps what it is today: a temple of taste. The restaurant is an architectural tour de force, with wood and glass as the prevailing theme. The panoramic view of the garden brings nature to your table. The sommelier loves to surprise you with unusual wines, but you can also choose the non-alcoholic option with various flavoured waters.
The vegetable garden on L’air du temps’ 12 acres of land produces a wonderful variety of herbs, fruit and vegetables.

  • Host/hostess
    Sang-Hoon Degeimbre & Carine Nosal
  • Chef
    Sang-Hoon Degeimbre


  • 7-course all-in dinner at Michelin-starred restaurant L’air du temps
  • 1 overnight stay in a Standard Bedroom
  • Breakfast
  • €630 for 2  Book QLUB Deal 


Chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre is a man of passion and devotion, coupled with an abundance of creativity. Degeimbre sources mainly local produce. He is inspired by the nature around him. He was also one of the first chefs to discover molecular cooking. His dishes are refined and complex but also very pure. The highest levels of presentation go together with subtle explosions of unique flavours.

Maxim de Muynck offers carefully selected wines to complement the dishes. Lunch or dinner start with a glass of aromatic mineral water to cleanse the palate in order to optimally experience the flavours of your meal and accompanying beverages. Non-alcoholic beverages are also available to complement your meal. Why not try this surprisingly excellent alternative.

The restaurant’s interior is stylishly minimalistic. There are 4 large dining rooms with round tables and leather table cloths. A wide corridor connects the dining rooms to the kitchen.

Winner of the QL Robbe & Berking Silver Butter Knife 2014

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  • Breakfast € 15 (classic) or € 50 (gastronomic)
  • 5 course lunch € 55
  • 7 course lunch € 65
  • 5 course diner € 105
  • 8 course diner € 150

The restaurant is opened Wednesday through Sunday for lunch (12.00h - 13.30h), and diner (19.30h - 20.30h).

Garden & Terrace

The garden and the fields surrounding the hotel are an important part of the hotel’s entourage. Almost all vegetables and herbs used in the kitchen are grown in the hotel’s kitchen garden. Vegetable expert Benoit Blairvacq is in charge of the kitchen garden. He is passionate about growing rare and unique vegetables and has cultivated approximately 400 different species. From the dining room you have a wonderful view over the garden and fields beyond.


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The main attraction here is to experience the excellent cuisine of L’air du temps. There are several bicycle and walking trails in the neighbourhood. The vibrant city of Brussels is not too far away. A visit on your way out or back is certainly recommended.




L'air du temps
Rue de la Croix Monet 2
+32 (0)81 81 30 48

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