Eichholtz - The Epitome Of Luxury Living

Since its foundation in 1992, Eichholtz has grown into one of the world’s most well-known and reputable brands of glamorous design furniture, lighting and home accessories. Today, this renowned Dutch brand is the epitome of luxury living.

Taking pride in creating items of unmatched beauty that exceed the highest standards in design, quality and durability, Eichholtz has furnished more than 10,000 prestigious hotels, restaurants, clubs and stores around the globe.

The Eichholtz headquarters are located in Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands - with a Grand Showroom of more than 4,000 m2, executive offices, and a warehouse from which chic chandeliers, sumptuous sofas, classy club chairs and much more is shipped to clients all over the world.

By adapting treasured traditional crafts to the decadent demands of today, Eichholtz aims to continuously inspire the hospitality industry and interior design industry. The extensive Eichholtz collection spans a host of iconic interior styles and designer furniture.