'La nature a été introduite dans la maison par ses troncs d'arbres sciés un preu rudement, ses murs peints en rouge et ses abat-jour avec des images d'arbres'


'L'environnement inspire le chef pour sa cuisine entièrement naturelle'


'Dans le potager, on cultive de tout. Des pommes et des asperges aux différentes herbes aromatiques'


'Hôtel réputé et historique dans le Sauerland idyllique'

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About QL

The QL Hotels & Restaurants Collection comprises of the finest smallscale and authentic hotels in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. Fine dining and pleasant accommodation will ensure a memorable stay. The chefs guarantee the highest quality of food and service every time. They use fresh, locally sourced produce, which changes with the seasons.

The hotels, many of which are architecturally significant, are either in town or in the countryside, near water, pastureland or woodlands. Most of the QL hotels have many extras, such as an interesting art collection, cookery school, tasting room, wellness facilities, tennis court, swimming pool, board room or even a golf course.

We wish you lots of enjoyment exploring QL Hotels & Restaurants. QL Hotels & Restaurants is affiliated with Quality Lodgings.