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Dear hard working employee

Wanderlust; the desire to travel. The irrepressible need to pack your things from time to time and leave for an inspiring place to enjoy the best that life has to both and to relax optimally.

QL Hotels & Restaurants are the perfect destination for travelers with Wanderlust. We proudly present our handpicked collection of unique hotels and restaurants. Authentic hotels where comfort is contemporary, hospitality still comes from the heart and where you can enjoy the good things in life at the highest level. Here you flee the hectic everyday life, come to yourself, find inspiration and celebrate life.

Enjoy life, enjoy QL

Stay safe and take care

The QL team


Special employee rate

Employees of QL affiliated hotels are eligable to dine and stay at other QL affiliated hotels for a reduced price, based on availability (IPB). The reservation needs to be settled by the management of the respective hotels. The Advisory Board agreed on a 50% discount on lodging and F&B.

This program has been set up in order to exchange knowledge between colleagues (e.g. management, hospitality, culinary...) and to strenghten the network within the QL Family.