Vind het QL Hotel dat bij u past

QL Hotels & Restaurants & Partners

QL Hotels & Restaurants (QL) is a select group of approximately 130 charming quality hotels in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Austria, Norway and Sweden where personal service is combined with good food and pleasant accommodation.

Target reach
A guest at a QL Hotel is guaranteed a stay of unrivalled pleasure. All QL Hotels are characterised by their unique locations and the quality accommodation that they offer. The most important priority for QL is providing a personalised, quality service in a warm and hospitable environment.

The QL Hotel guest typically belongs to the higher marketing segment (A/B1) and research has shown that these consumers want to be well informed. With QL they have a decent collection of well-suited hotels to choose from.

The QL Website, QL Hotel Guide and social media

A new QL website, with Dutch, English, German and French versions, went online with large photographs and inviting texts. The website has an integrated booking module which also makes it possible to design and present loyalty programs.

QL Hotel Guide
The QL Hotel Guide, which is revised annually, contains a full and extensive description of all the QL Hotels. It is a lavish guide, illustrated with maps and professional photography; it also offers tips for tourists. The print run is 110,000 copies, each with approximately 324 pages. QL publishes a guide with great graphic designs in a Dutch/English version, a German/English version and a French/English version. The guides can be found in our hotels and at our partners. 

QL Magazine

QL Magazine is compiled thematically based on the collections featured on the QL Website, with atmospheric portraits of chefs, local quality products, must haves and stunning landscapes, richly illustrated with stylish photography. Frequency: 2x per year.

Social Media
QL is actively integrating its hotel offering with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram.

Strategic cooperation
QL is currently working with a number of market-savvy partners. Partnership is promoted by advertising in the QL Guide, QL Magazine and on the QL website. The QL business partners are often invited as guests to QL events, such as the annual QL gathering. Partners are mentioned in detail in all our internal communications under the header ‘buy from each other, support each other.’ 

QL generates publicity and articles appear on a regular basis in well-known newspapers and magazines. The QL organisation has an excellent relationship with the (inter)national press and has built up a large network of useful contacts.

QL Loyalty programs
QL provides employees offers for third parties with special offers. It is possible to book these loyalty programs directly with the booking engine. 

However partnerships are vital to QL, QL chooses its business partners very carefully. We look for partners where quality and craftmanship is important. Are you interested in becoming a QL Partner? Please contact our office via email or by phone via +31 (0)38 425 76 40.