The VDP is an elite group of some 200 quality-oriented German vintners who are committed to terroir-driven viticulture at the highest level. Subject to high standards, the VDP and its members are a bastion of quality in today’s globalised world. They oppose anything that makes wine nondescript and artificial.

At the helm stands Steffen Christmann, VDP President and the embodiment of both the traditional and the contemporary in viticulture. Since 1996, he has run his family’s estate, VDP.Weingut A. Christmann, whose roots date back to the 17th century. Christmann is not only a trained wine-grower, but also a fully qualified attorney at law admitted to the German bar. His decision to take over his parents’ wine estate, in addition to pursuing a legal career, attests to his commitment to his regional roots and his sense of responsibility to family tradition.

QL has a long and much appreciated partnership with VDP. Together with VDP, QL Hotels & Restaurants offers the fun & learing VDP. Winetrip for all QL Sommeliers and all affiliated to QL Hotels & Restaurant with an interest in German wines. All QL Hoteliers have received a bottle of wine by one of the VDP.Prädikatsweingüters. We want to thank VDP and the extraodrinary winemakers who have made a kind gesture to contribute to the succes of the QL Yearday in a box.