Tea is the trendy drink for every moment The many faces of tea are surging on the menus of fine restaurants and trendy cocktailbars. Creative mixology as well as tea-food pairings are tea innovations embraced by young generations. Tea is trendy and the hospitality industry is trendsetter driving the change to healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

Tea offers a myriad of possibilities to craft delightful experiences.

Explore the abundance of Dilmah Teas. The wide variety of distinct tea brands allows differentiation of tea for each touchpoint throughout your hotel. A great choice of formats and storytelling, all with the certainty of the highest quality and ethics.

Join the Dilmah family! We are a Sri Lankan family of teagrowers. Our founder Merrill J. Fernando is the world’s most experienced tea maker. “My goal was not to compete with multinational traders but to bring back integrity, quality, taste, purpose and ethics to tea. It would be the first tea in the world to be ethically produced. We grow tea, manufacture, add value, brand, market and bring earnings back to the country and share with the poor and the wider community.” – Merrill J. Fernando.

Stay at a QL Hotel and enjoy Dilmah Tea